(This blog post is from M.K. Welch, Sports Talk Show Host at ESPN Aberdeen)

Jaymar Johnson is entering his 4th season with the Minnesota Vikings since being drafted late out of Jackson State. Jaymar has always been athletic, but his ability as a receiver has always been lacking. He was always one of those athletic track stars that never really panned out as a football player. He got a little playing time in 2009, but didn’t do anything to impress people. In fact, the lack of progression from Johnson was the reason the Vikings went and got Greg Lewis that season. Last year, Jaymar Johnson broke his thumb, and was out all season.

I remember when that happened and I thought, “Well, that’s probably it for Jaymar.” I think that’s what most people thought because that happens to so many players in the NFL. So often we see a guy with athleticism who never really gets it, then he gets injured and we never hear from him again. Well the main thing I’ve been hearing about from Vikings training camp this year is the progression of Mr. Jaymar Johnson.

I dug a little deeper and found out that Johnson spent the off-season training with Larry Fitzgerald. That’s the same thing Dwayne Bowe did before he came out of nowhere to go to his first pro bowl last season.

On August 5th, Leslie Fraizer was asked about Johnson and he said, “I really like the way he looks. He’s always had great speed, but his attitude and his approach are quite different than I remember [last year]. I’m optimistic that he is going to step up and do some things not only as a WR but even on special teams.”

There are many things in life that can change our perspective on things. Not everybody needs to have a near death experience to have a change of perspective. Friday, Jaymar Johnson talked about what changed him. He said that it was the injury. He said, about breaking his thumb last year, “It made me a possessed man”. I know it’s very early, but he’s playing like it.

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks talking about how the Vikings don’t have a legitimate primary WR. I’m not saying that Jaymar Johnson is that, but I am excited to see what he can bring to the Vikings this year.